About Bach

Bach History

After a collaborative effort to craft a remarkable NZ coffee blend Bach Espresso was born with Bach Blend 01’s first roast on the 18th of May 2009.

In late 2010 the team decided it was time for renovations, and started on a journey to design an innovative and iconic brand and packaging worthy of the amazingly good beans inside each bag.

Our design guys worked industriously and came up with some grand ideas for a new Bach look.

While the designers worked on how we were going to look our master roaster and local coffee experts also slogged away combining beans and roasting to invent a selection of original and enticing coffee blends.

The new Bach was unveiled on January 2012 in its home town Auckland. Since then Bach has been spreading passion for perfect coffee throughout the country while taking our punters back to that special time and place.

Bach History

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